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By Mike Llerena With the end of “No-Shave November” merely a week away, I thought it’d be appropriate to pay tribute to the best celebrity facial hair. Be warned, this list is completely subjective and totally biased. 1. Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) Nick Offerman’s portrayal of “Parks and Recreation” character Ron Swanson is nothing short […]

By Chelsea Perry When it comes to preparing for job and internship interviews, the thought of what you’re going to wear can be the last thing on your mind. Even though you’re busy preparing your resume and stressing about the interview itself, it’s important not to neglect your attire. What you wear to a job […]


By Tova Miller With the holiday season around the corner, it is important to have a few signature pieces to help you feel confident at any kind of holiday soirée. Black Friday is the perfect time to find these pieces, especially when you are a college student on a tight holiday budget. ** Note: You […]


By Karina Cuevas We’ve got quite a bit of time until the start of finals (thank goodness!), except I’m still freaking out about one thing: finding the perfect dress for graduation. The thought of a commencement in the early hours of a winter morning kind of gives me the chills — literally. But, nonetheless, here’s […]

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By Alexandria Ugarte ‘Tis the season to wear boots, ladies. And we all know it’s a fairly short season around these parts, so we have to make the most of the little fall season – ahem, slightly cooler version of summer – mother nature bestows upon us. I personally own two pairs of boots that […]

DEC 05 SEC Championship Game - Florida v Alabama

By Phillip Heilman Well, another proud season of Florida football is soon coming to an end. Better get your party hats and kegs ready as all of Gainesville celebrates another national title. See, who even needs Urban Meyer? Not the Gators. Wait, what? Florida isn’t even going to make a bowl game? What the hell […]

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By Ben Paikowsky  So I used to think it was normal to not be able to see anything or read anything more than 15 feet away. Then, after a couple missed appointments, I went to the eye doctor. Long story short: glasses were needed, and my eyes were finally open. For a couple years, I […]

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By Mallory Schindler I graduate in less than a month (WHAT.). That’s great, except for one little thing – my apartment lease goes through next August. This is because the Gainesville apartment companies are the spawn of Satan, do not allow partial leases – and they hate me. I absolutely have to find a subleaser, […]

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By Alexandria Ugarte It’s that time of the month again. (And no, ladies, not that time.) Your GRU bill has just arrived and the money you made at work – or the plasma center – just won’t suffice this time. Whether you have that roommate who does their laundry three times a week or you […]


By Ben Paikowsky Each year, Oxford Dictionaries announces a word of the year. They choose the word based on pop culture and what people seem to be talking about most. This year’s word is one often heard (and seen in action) on the University of Florida’s campus and in the Gainesville community. The word: selfie. […]


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