Start Defining South Florida

We all have those professors who make us state our name, major and where we are from. Inevitably, there’s always that one person who says, “Hi, I’m Savannah. I’m a journalism major and I’m from south Florida.” Where is south Florida? Is it Miami? Is it Key West, or is it Naples? I have never heard people refer to south Florida as anything but a region. So, I would like to set the record straight about what south Florida really is. Continue reading Start Defining South Florida

The Reality of Having Your First Pet

When a young adult grows up without a pet, this can lead them to start yearning for that comfort and playfulness pets provide, and once they first start living on their own, they may decide to get their first pet to find exactly that. Seeing someone walking their dog puts a smile on their face and makes them daydream of having their own. But how realistic is this? There is a lot more to consider than many young adults may realize. Continue reading The Reality of Having Your First Pet

Real Talk: UF Graduating Seniors’ Thoughts on New Commencement Ceremony

This September, the University of Florida announced a change in its graduation ceremony for the fall and spring. The change comes after controversy regarding the spring 2018 UF graduation ceremony where an usher physically forced multiple graduating students off the stage who were dancing. Now, undergraduates will have two ceremonies.
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Travel Hacks: Real Tips on How to Pack Light

This past summer I spent two months in Europe. Before I left, I couldn’t decide on what to bring or how much to bring. Then I checked the prices of checking luggage for each of my 13 flight. I decided I would challenge myself. I would bring everything I needed in a carry-on suitcase and a small backpack. This made day trips, boarding flights and getting my luggage from point A to point B so much easier. Continue reading Travel Hacks: Real Tips on How to Pack Light

The “Non-Traditional” Student

Your average college student is anywhere from 18 to 24 years old, lives in a dorm on campus and goes to school full time. Some of these students have part-time jobs or participate in extracurricular activities, but rarely do they have responsibilities outside of schoolwork. The “non-traditional” student in contrast is the complete opposite.
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