Music Monday: Famous Band Side Projects

By Brock Seng Side projects usually suck. Let’s be honest here. A lot of us don’t listen to side projects. It’s from the theory: if you support a side project then that’ll become the main band and you’ll lose the bigger band. Hence, Gorillaz. I’m here to tell you that theory is wrong. Side projects […]

Wellness Wednesday: Straight Edge Living

By Brock Seng For this week’s Wellness Wednesday post, instead of an alternative way of eating or exercising, it’s an alternative way of living your life. It’s a way of living by cutting out the bad stuff, not sugar and sweets, but the really bad stuff: drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We all know that alcohol […]

Swamp Talk: Gainesville’s Best Sushi

By Brock Seng While I have been at UF I have grown quite a taste for sushi, specifically any kind of eel-based roll. There is something about the chewy texture of eel and the “extreme” fish flavor that comes along with it that makes any sushi roll superb. Sushi in general is an absolutely amazing […]