Swamp Talk: Things We Should Know by Now

By Meaghan Cloherty Somewhere along the line, I picked up this dangerous fondness for introducing all of my friends to each other. Afterwards, the “what do you think?” answers start to reveal blunders or habits that make other people unnecessarily uncomfortable. I am so grateful for my brutally honest friends who will let me know […]

Swamp Talk: Gator Salsa Club

By Meaghan Cloherty No matter how many times I tried to attend the beginner salsa club lessons, I always managed to forget the moves. Even if you don’t want to or can’t dance, it’s still worth tagging along to see the serious dancers let loose after class ends. Keep up with the Gator Salsa Club […]

Swamp Talk: Our Obsession with Cat Videos

By Emily Stanton I’m pretty sure the Internet is run by cats. It’s all a part of their evil plan to enslave humans and take over the world. How else could they garner billions upon billions of YouTube hits, Tumblr reblogs and Instagram likes? It’s a conspiracy; I swear. Twenty-two-year-old journalism senior Meaghan Cloherty disagrees. […]

Fashion Friday: Fashion Inspired by Literature

By Meaghan Cloherty For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re currently at the tail end of Banned Books Week. Since I couldn’t participate in the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out on the Plaza of the Americas yesterday afternoon, I’m celebrating by providing you guys with a list of some of the best literature-inspired clothing available online. […]