Swamp Talk: A New Perspective on Post-Grad Jobs

By Sarah Loftus I’ve consistently alternated between freaking out about getting a job and being excited about post-grad life and job perspectives since my first night in Broward Hall more than three years ago. Sometimes, my bouts of angst last an hour; other times, three weeks. Occasionally, I can go a few months without a […]

Music Monday: The Love(less) Playlist

By Sarah Loftus Sometimes, I hate love. There I said it. I know it’s bad, but on occasion, I really do hate it. Actually, since I’m being honest, sometimes, I despise love. It makes me and others I know do stupid things. It angers me. Love is illogical 99 percent of the time. (And illogical […]

Swamp Talk: Sleep Studying

By Sarah Loftus I have a problem; it’s something I’ve struggled with during previous semesters, but it’s gotten so much worse this semester. I fall asleep while studying at night, only to wake up at 2, 3 or even 4 a.m. fully clothed with my head resting on my pillow which is on top of […]