A No-Fear Guide To Pinterest And Its Importance

By: Robin Andrews

Tulle, tinted mason jars and more flowers than guests will ever actually see at my wedding fill my feed.

Following, food for every meal of the day, for every day for the rest of my life, lines the screen.

Some fashionable ladies who might as well be mocking me, pinning their trendy threads while I’m still in my pajamas with cold coffee in my hand can be found after a bit of scrolling through my bunch of boards.

Cold coffee. Have I really been staring at my screen long enough for my morning juice to also lose its steam?

Why yes, and I haven’t even gotten to looking through my fellow Pinterest-friends’ most recent fall finds.

My time spent on the DIY-inspired site aren’t unlike many other men and women of all ages on the Internet these days. And because it’s such a craze, I want to provide a little walk-through to anyone who’s taking their first few steps in this new territory.

Then I want to give you a quick look at why it actually means more than just a conglomeration of far-reaching dream weddings, meal plans that will never come to fruition and trendy styles that don’t actually fit into many women’s schedules or wardrobes.

First, the site is, at its core, a social media channel. As with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visuals drive the basic concepts of learning and unwinding, building relationships or branding a company or personal profile and marketing anyone who shares the same interests or goals.

Let’s break it down.

Learning and Unwinding

Pinterest is a huge world of collective intelligence and creativity.

Whether you want to find instructions on how to knit, dig for ideas for designing a new bed frame or happen across a great recipe for dinner, Pinterest is the place to be.

Not to mention, pinning and liking different ideas, articles, instructions and links is a way to focus energy on something that allows users to escape daily stresses and stimulate their creative or inquisitive site.

But just wait until you actually embark on making one of your pins. That’s when the real fun begins.

Pro tip: To keep the fun in your Pinterest endeavors, check out the many “Pinterest Fails” or “Never Again” boards for tips and warnings before you start a hefty or permanent project.

Building Relationships

The basis of any relationship is really a common interest or shared experience.

Social media platforms feed off of wow factors or call to the emotional side of people with cute kitten videos, tantalizing food pictures, astounding time-lapse images of a blood moon, testimonies of children who have access to clean drinking water for the first time or even an event announcement of a local skate contest or symphony orchestra.

Pinterest serves the same purpose. Create a pin from a cool website or content source. Find a pre-existing pin with a picture or link to something that really gets you inspired for a new project or excited for an upcoming event. Share, and see whom you connect with.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, there are plenty of opportunities to really find your target audience, make connections and interact in a niche community.

Branding and Marketing

Whether you want the world to know you, your business or your work, Pinterest has a plethora of marketing benefits.

You can build your personal brand by pinning things you love or have done into categorical boards, linking to sources that promote you or other people and brands you want to support.

If you have your own business or enjoy making things like crochet baby blankets, watercolor wall art, college football attire or even blog your baking and cooking ventures, Pinterest is the perfect platform to share your passion and products. If you have an Etsy, personal blog or online store, you can pin different pictures, tag them with likely searched words and share them with the Pinterest-sphere.

Others can then find your pins, click to your links, and share them with their own audiences. You can reach the far corners of your market, and a global community becomes closely knit in the realm of sharing on Pinterest.

Feeling a bit frustrated or confused? Don’t worry. Just try it out. You’ll have no problem remembering to practice what you’ve shared because, honestly, it’s almost a law of science that Pinterest turns you into an addicted professional in no time.

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