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Powerful Wines

By Brianna Duncan-Dieujuste After a long week full of classes, internships and jobs, the best way to wind down is with a glass of wine. While wine nights are essential to any GNI (girl’s night in), they can also become pretty expensive when you’re on a part-time internship budget. To prepare you for the next time […]

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Pump It: Everything Breastfeeding Mothers Need to Know About Power Pumping

By Elayza Gonzalez Today’s society works hard to normalize breastfeeding in public and is dedicated to empowering women who breastfeed. One way to help advance these initiatives is by educating yourself on the practice of breastfeeding and its many benefits. However, some moms struggle with producing an adequate amount of breast milk to feed their […]


The Power of Social Media

By Brooke Steinberg Now more than ever, people have been turning to social media to express their feelings and thoughts. There are ups and downs to having social media always readily available for people to say whatever they want. The negatives of social media as a form of expression are pretty obvious: name calling, fighting […]