The “Non-Traditional” Student

Your average college student is anywhere from 18 to 24 years old, lives in a dorm on campus and goes to school full time. Some of these students have part-time jobs or participate in extracurricular activities, but rarely do they have responsibilities outside of schoolwork. The “non-traditional” student in contrast is the complete opposite.
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Building Bridges After Prison

In the back of her mind, Jhody Polk still finds herself wishing she was back in prison. “So I can be safe,” Polk said. Jhody grew up in a part of Gainesville where she says there weren’t many dreams to be had. She didn’t learn to love herself until she turned herself in to serve her time – seven years for felony convictions involving theft home invasion. Continue reading Building Bridges After Prison

Book It: How to Accomplish Your Reading Goals

My love for literature started around first grade, with a feisty girl about the same age as I was: Junie B. Jones. I read those paperback books by Barbara Park like it was my job. On the school bus before school, in my room past my bedtime and even at recess if I was at a particularly climactic chapter, I’d immerse myself in the antics of the glasses-wearing, rule-breaking and kind-hearted Junie B Continue reading Book It: How to Accomplish Your Reading Goals