The Power of Social Media

By Brooke Steinberg Now more than ever, people have been turning to social media to express their feelings and thoughts. There are ups and downs to having social media always readily available for people to say whatever they want. The negatives of social media as a form of expression are pretty obvious: name calling, fighting […]

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Music Monday: The '90s Are Back

By Chelsea Perry If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a product of the ’90s. And let’s be honest, I may be a little biased here, but the ’90s were just the greatest. Who can forget about about the brilliant ’90s toys (ahem, Furby or Tamagotchi, anyone?) or flawless ’90s television (“All That” [RIP […]

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Swamp Talk: Why Musicians Are Weary of Student-Run Record Labels

By Kendrick Brown The Alligator published a story on Monday that said Student Government Productions is in the preliminary stages of starting Swamp Records, a student-run record label that will produce hip hop, EDM and indie music. According to the article, the record label will operate completely in-house, with its 20-member team controlling promotions, recording […]