College Fashion: Day-to-Night Looks


By: Briana Anderson

When your school schedule and social life start to blur together, you don’t want to be caught in a wardrobe predicament. While a majority of students are guilty of sporting their favorite workout attire or casual clothing for class, many wonder how they can make an easy transition to hit the town right after their late-night lab.

Well, if you follow these few simple tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to save time getting ready and still look great!

  1. Stretch jeans and a crisp blouse: Trade in those gym shorts for your favorite denim (preferably a dark shade) and a structured blouse. This look is perfect for a semi-professional appearance in class and can transition quickly for night. Pair with a pair of cute printed flats for during the day, then pull out a fabulous pair of wedges or pumps for the evening. Don’t forget to add some statement jewelry!
  2. Wrap dress and cardigan: This combination is great for class and work, and you can pair it with flats or heels depending on your preference. To change this simple look for the evening, peel off that cardigan, and add some statement accessories and a great pair of pumps.
  3. Joggers and a breezy blouse: Maximum comfort all day long! To spice things up, try wearing a pair of printed joggers with a loose tee or portofino shirt. This option is ideal for those that love oversized/loose clothing pieces. To take this day look into the evening, try switching that blouse for a more fitted tank or top, and add your favorite pair of wedges.
  4. Midi skirt and top: Depending on the temperature, a midi skirt pairs wonderfully with tees and tanks. The skirt length makes this ensemble appropriate for just about anything – class, work and play. For the later hours, this look requires minimal changes. If your skirt is a dressier fabric (printed or pleated) then just add a bit of jewelry and a change of shoes for this look! If your skirt is more casual, try pairing it with a dressier crop or blouse to take things to the next level.

So many college students stand in front of their closets each day mumbling, “Man… I have nothing to wear.” WRONG. You just have to know how to put things together! There’s nothing wrong with dressing up a bit for class or work – your teachers and other professionals will take you seriously.

And remember, for those that are graduating this spring, high-waisted cutoffs and crop tops won’t be acceptable in the real world. So, we better start experimenting with these new ideas now! 🙂

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