Conversations That Shouldn’t Leave Your Bestie Circle

By Edwin Exaus


“Hi Mom, I got tested for STIs last week and just found out I had chlamydia.”  

“I think I might experiment with ecstasy this weekend at my friend’s house party, Dad.”  

Or how about, “I spent that $500 you gave me for school books on clothes and shoes.”  

It sounds a little peculiar, but we all have tough conversations with our parents, especially when it comes to sex, social activities and finances. Perhaps these are the toughest conversations you’ve had thus far, and to give mommy and daddy the impression that you’re still their little angel, it’s best you leave something’s unsaid.

It is apparent that what we talk about with our close friends is completely different from what is discussed with our parents. With friends you’re more likely to talk about someone you’re crushing on or the crazy party you went to this weekend, as compared to your parents, you’ll bring up topics about career goals and your future self—unless you have that weird Gilmore Girls relationship where your parent is your best friend and you guys talk about absolutely everything under the sun (which is completely unrealistic, like come on).  


Sex, social activities and finances are the hardest conversations that many people have with their parents because they are the most uncomfortable and awkward. How many times has your mom or dad tried to have “the talk” with you, typically by starting with “when two people love each other…” or “just making sure you’re being responsible.” And all you want to do is cringe and immediately change the subject.

Parents shouldn’t have to be aware of your every sexual encounter, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to go to them either—especially when it matters. Sexually transmitted diseases are very much real and shouldn’t be played with. Make sure you’re getting tested if you’re sexually active to avoid that awkward “I have herpes” talk with mom and dad. The same goes for social activities, such as drinking and engaging in potentially illegal activity (minus the herpes…hopefully).

Finances can be a gray area, especially when you’re in college and are financially dependent on mom and dad. You want to break away from their firm financial control, but you’re not ready just yet to flap your money wings. So the best thing to do, is follow his or her rules, no matter how crazy, until you can make it on your own. No questions, no problems, should be the motto.


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