Déjà Vu and You

By: Amanda Guillen

You walk into a coffee shop for the first time. Yet the coffee bean aroma, the soft jazz music playing and even the way the sofa chairs are arranged seem so familiar to you. This weird feeling takes over as you fight with the idea that you’ve been here before. Impossible, you think, but you can’t seem to shake the feeling. Maybe it’s familiar or maybe it’s déjà vu.

No, I’m not talking about the movie with Denzel Washington or the song by Beyoncé and her man Jay-Z. I’m talking about the feeling that a situation you are presently in feels more familiar than it should, or as the literal translation suggests, something you’ve “already seen.”

But I haven’t seen this before!

While it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly causes this sensation, scientist describe it as a false sense of perception; the mind’s wiring playing tricks on your conscious state. For example, scientists have found that there has been the strongest correlation of déjà vu with temporal lobe epilepsy.

So I’m going to have a seizure?!

Not exactly. The “epilepsy” just describes a sudden jerk or movement experienced right after the déjà vu episode. This is characterized by an irregularity related to a wrong electrical release in the brain – crazy wiring.

Actually, some scientists even believe that experiencing déjà vu is a sign of a healthy mind because it indicates that you are aware of familiarity signals that are incorrect.

So there’s nothing to worry about – you are perfectly healthy!

Thing is, scientists don’t know 100 percent if that is true. Although research is still being done on the subject, there isn’t really hard evidence.

Still no need to worry – maybe you’re psychic!

Although scientists reject the notion of clairvoyance there are some that believe déjà vu is a sign of psychic abilities. They believe that experiencing déjà vu could be seeing into the future or a glitch in time that allows you to experience something before you were supposed to.

Some even attribute the déjà vu experience to a dream they already had of the situation. You may have dreamt that you were in that coffee shop with the chairs arranged in that way with the soft music playing in the background and then went on to experience it later.

So I’m psychic?!

Not exactly.

Although people seem to have experienced situations before, there isn’t anything that proves that they have seen into the future or that their brain wires were mixed up. As of right now, déjà vu is as mysterious as the haunting feeling you get when you experience it.

So the next time you walk into a coffee shop with that aroma and that music and those chairs – just breathe. You aren’t alone; we’ve all been there before too.

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