Dreaming of a Whimsical Christmas

Guest Blogger


Tis’ the season to be CRAFTY!  The holidays are quickly approaching and that means there is limited time left for decorating.

For students who are away from home, decorating a dorm or apartment can put everyone into the festive spirit.  This Whimsical Christmas Tree can make even the worst Grinch feel jolly.

With only two materials needed, this craft can be ready in no time, leaving everyone plenty of time for their studying.  All that is needed is a foam cone and some decorative wire, both of which can be found at any craft store.


To make the tree come to life, wrap the wire around the cone, starting from the top and working your way down.  Wire can be found in an assortment of colors, find one that will complement you and your space the most.

In order to make the form of the tree, continue wrapping the wire until you reach the bottom of the cone.  Now just cut the end of the wire and slide the entire tree off the foam cone.  It is important to now twist the end of the wire around the last ring to keep the tree sturdy.

Once the tree is complete, place the tree on any flat surface and see it instantly cheer up the room.  These bouncy trees can be made in all different sizes, depending on your space.

Most college students do not have the money or time to fully decorate their home away from home.  With just a few materials, and a couple of minutes, you can bring the holiday cheer into any room you want!

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