Fashion Friday: Gainesville's Hidden Treasure: Sandy's Savvy Chic Resale Boutique

By Sarah Loftus

fashion friday_ sandy's

My roommate asked me to go to a clothing consignment shop here in Gainesville with her – one that neither of us had been to or heard of until our friend told her about it.

We drove down 13th Street and were starting to get to the slightly sketchy area of Gainesville, trying not to lose faith in our friend’s Stephanie’s words – “It’s really good. They have nice name-brand stuff for cheap,” when we finally got there.

We walked in, and oh my god, Stephanie could not have been more right. First off, Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique, located at 4148 NW 13th St., doesn’t look like a consignment shop – more like a nice, expensive boutique, which is what the owners are going for. Well, let me you, they achieved it.

Clothes line racks; there are sets for sweaters and shirts, jackets and dresses. Purses line the back wall. Originally very expensive name-brand shoes cover the wall above the cash registers. You name it, they probably have it. Coach wedges, Tory Burch flats and even rain boots occasionally. The store’s website lists brands it sells, and Manolo Blahnik is on there. They even have children’s clothes and men’s clothing, although the men’s clothing section doesn’t have nearly as much stuff as the women’s.

And you know what? It’s nice stuff for way cheaper than you could find anywhere else. Seriously, it is; I promise I’m not lying. I bought a pink Ann Taylor dress for $12. My roommate I went with, Michelle Provenzano, a 21-year-old telecommunications junior, bought about 10 dresses for just over $100. One, a navy J. Crew dress, looked like it cost about $100 originally, and she got it for around $15.

My other friend, Stephanie Tinoco, a 22-year-old telecommunications senior, has only been to Sandy’s three times, but she’s found a lot of treasures. Blazers, and a blouse from The Limited, one of her favorite stores, she says. H&M dresses, and she even got her Halloween costume there.

Her favorite piece from the boutique, a three-quarter length H&M dress, only cost her $15.

“It’s trendy, classy and simple, and that’s what I’m all about.”

But sometimes you see something you love, and it’s not in your size. That happened to me a lot and is one of the reasons I get frustrated by consignment shops. If I see a dress I love; I want it. But Stephanie has a different perspective.

It helps her save money when everything doesn’t come in her size, she says.

“If you don’t find it because it’s not in your size, it’s not for you. It’s like one-of-a-kind at a consignment,” Stephanie says. “Yes, I’m sure other ones have been made, but there, it’s one of a kind.”

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