Fashion Friday: Red Valentino's Fairytale

The NY Fashion Week Fairytale — Next Stop: Gainesville

By Julianne Wilson

Hi friends!

Thanks for checking out the Orange and Blue blog! For the duration of the Spring 2013 semester, I will be making fashion posts on this blog every Friday to keep you all informed about what’s hot in the style world right now and how you can rock the look right in Gainesville — whether it be for an effortless, cool look on campus or a statement-making “Hello, I’m here” look when you take things downtown.

I couldn’t be more excited to start our first Fashion Friday post during New York Fashion Week 2013, where the first trend we will discuss was first spotted on the catwalk at Red Valentino  Thursday morning.

This new trend is all about creating your own fairytale. Think about what you might see in a typical Taylor Swift music video but edgier and with more attitude.

Too often these days, we are told, “wear this, not that,” via TV shows (yup, I’m talking about you, Joan Rivers!) and via social media overload. It’s about time that we bring out that angelic, little, innocent girl within us — I know she’s in there somewhere! — and use our imaginations again when it comes to dressing.

What’s your ideal fairytale? Are you a sweet princess or a rebellious one who doesn’t follow the rules? Maybe you’re the smokin’ archnemesis with a sweet side. The imagination is one of the best places to go for inspiration, but these days, we often forget that because our first instinct is to google, rather than think.

So, how do you do it? Instead of asking yourself in the morning, “What do I want to wear?” ask, “Who do I want to be today?” Start out with a clean color palette of some pastels, shades of grey, and blacks and whites. Incorporate more ruffles, lace and bows into your wardrobe, but don’t wear all of them together (overkill).  Don’t be afraid of layering! A cute floral or plaid, wool-knit dress looks adorable and sweet over a white, ruffled, chiffon blouse. Peter Pan collars are also the perfect enchanting touch and are sold separately, so you can swap them like necklaces to give the same top a variety of looks.

Eyelet and velvet fabrics, heart-shaped necklines and A-line shapes with a bow cinching the waist are all extra tools that can give you the “I’m-a-good-girl-with-a-mysterious-dark-side” look that Red Valentino has got us all yearning to achieve. And the best (and cheapest!) accessory to cap off the look is a pair of black, sheer, knee-high stockings. Wear them with pumps (preferably with ankle straps) at night or with ballet flats during the day. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your knee-highs — the amount of assorted colors, textures and patterns on the market right now is insane!

So start using that imagination and bring out the damsel in distress I know you have in you!

Want more fairytale inspiration? Check out Tim Walker photography — the king of storytelling photography. Good Luck!

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