Get To Know Gainesville: Matt Lussier

by Laici Little

I must confess that this week’s interviewee isn’t exactly a stranger. I actually went to middle school and high school with Lussier, who just so happens to be one of my boyfriend’s best friends.

Lussier, 21, was born in St. Augustine, but he spent a good bit of his childhood in Jacksonville before heading to UF where he studies criminology and law in order to pursue his career goal of becoming an officer for the Florida Wildlife Commission.

He spends a good deal of his free time riding his mountain bike, running, and working out. And, although Lussier didn’t explicitly mention his social personality, he is certainly the type who has never met a stranger. He is just simply a nice guy who has a real knack for making people laugh.

While attending classes, Lussier keeps himself busy by working at the Graham Oasis store on campus. And when off from school, he works for Island Global Yachting with his father who manages marinas in Boston.

The reason that I really wanted to interview Lussier however, is because he has had some really interesting experiences since we graduated from high school. For as long as I can remember, it seems like Lussier has been working at marinas, and it’s always been intriguing to hear about the unique encounters he has experienced.

For example, Lussier worked at a marina on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for around six months last year. Lussier said that, on one hand, it was a beautiful place with an active nightlife, which he was more than happy to enjoy as a young single adult; On the other hand, he couldn’t really see himself settling down in St. Thomas permanently because it was also a place with its fair share of dangerous situations.

His most recent adventure, however, didn’t take place outside of the country: Lussier attended the 55th annual Grammy awards after his good friend, who won the tickets from a radio-show contest, invited him. He said that it was great to see his long lost girlfriend — Taylor Swift.

Matt and I ended our interview talking about his thoughts on UF and living in Gainesville.  He said that it isn’t exactly what he thought it would be at first, and sometimes he really misses the beach back home. He loves spending time out on Paynes Prairie, however, and he wouldn’t trade the quality education he receives as a Gator, he said.

Matt is always full of energy and wearing a smile. I can honestly say that if you see this guy out on the street, you should stop and speak. Knowing him, he will think it’s cool somebody recognized him, and I can promise he always has an entertaining story.

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