Kids Then Vs. Now

By: Lawrence Laguna

Every time I see kids nowadays, I know for a fact they are growing up in a different world.

Of course, every generation is raised with different technology, but not all experienced the technology gap Millennials had compared to today’s Generation Z.

Today’s generation of kids are consumed by technology. They can’t go anywhere without it, don’t know how to play a game if there’s not a device in their hands and have become very absorbed in the digital world. They don’t need anybody as long as they have the latest device in their hands.

A depiction of a
A depiction of a “Then” child listening to a CD player. Photo by Lawrence Laguna

I was born in the 90s, and whoever else was born in that decade with me understands that we grew up with technology as it advanced. Because of this, we were able to enjoy time with technology but put it down when needed.

The millennials understood that when it was playtime, we went outside to play a bunch of different games and be active. Kids are supposed to run outside, be worry free and exercise. Today, kids prefer to stay inside and hack away at their tablet or smartphone at an extremely young age.

Walking around the mall or your local store, it’s easy to locate a kid with an iPhone in their hands. It’s all they know.

I’m not bashing the kids growing up now. My kids will probably be even worse in terms of being dependent on gadgets. The world is evolving and heavily relying on technology in every manner.

I created a funny video that consists of how things were “Then vs. Now.” This is something I like to do as a hobby in my free time.

The video goes into how 90s kids played outside at playgrounds, which was something that happened outside of attending school. It has the Rugrats theme song in the background, which shows we watched the best cartoons growing up. That is the “Then” part.

A photo showing the pastime of swinging in the park. Photo by Lawrence Laguna
A photo showing the pastime of swinging in the park. Photo by Lawrence Laguna

The “Now” part shows how kids just sit on the couch with their phone glued to their hand and cricket noises in the background representing the kid being unbothered, distracted and maybe just bored.

In the second half of the video, it shows the “Then” portion of kids in the past owning a CD player, putting an album disc in (hoping it wouldn’t skip) and jamming to our 90s bands while trying to shove that big gadget in our pockets.

It displays the struggle, but the good times we had with simple technology at our hands; all while sitting at the hangout spot every kid in a neighborhood had – the green electrical box.

“Now” displays the luxury of having a song on the latest iPhone, which isn’t only a music player, and jamming to the very popular artist of this time – Taylor Swift. The simplicity and access to what kids want today is at their fingertips.

There is a large technology gap between kids back then and the children of today. We have different hobbies and grew up with different methods of entertaining ourselves.

But we understood the value of what we had. I just believe the kids of this generation haven’t yet grasped the idea of what’s in their hands because it is something that is far above their understanding.

As a society, all of us have a lot of power in our hands. The only difference is the children of then knew how to distinguish the two; today kids can’t leave a device behind – even at the dinner table.

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