Music Monday: Famous Band Side Projects

By Brock Seng

Side projects usually suck. Let’s be honest here. A lot of us don’t listen to side projects. It’s from the theory: if you support a side project then that’ll become the main band and you’ll lose the bigger band. Hence, Gorillaz.

I’m here to tell you that theory is wrong. Side projects are very much present in today’s music scene. And a lot (but not all) are pretty great.

In this blog post, I’ll show you some main bands and their side projects and songs you should check out from the side projects. That way you can begin to build up your own little side project collection on your iPod. What might even surprise you is that a lot of “side projects” you probably didn’t even know were side projects…


Side Project: Angels & Airwaves

Song: The Adventure

Side Project: +44

Song: Make You Smile



Side Project: Aaron Lewis

Song: Country Boy


Mayday Parade

Side Project: Truth or Consequence

Song: She Smiles


Domo Genesis 

Side Project: Mellowhigh

Song: Yu


Death Cab for Cutie

Side Project: The Postal Service

Song: Such Great Heights


Pierce The Veil

Side Project: Isles & Glaciers

Song: Cemetery Weather


Rage Against The Machine 

Side Project: Audioslave

Song: I Am The Highway



Side Project: Stone Sour*

Song: Hesitate

* – Technically, Stone Sour came first but was disbanded when Slipknot was formed. When Slipknot went on hiatus, Stone Sour toured and recorded a new album.



Side Project: Foo Fighters*

Song: Everlong

* – Again, technically not a “side project”, but Dave Grohl began recording under the name Late! in 1992 while still with Nirvana. When Kurt Cobain died, Grohl turned down offers for other bands and Late! became Foo Fighters.


Johnny Cash 

Side Project: The Highwayman

Song: Highwayman


Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Side Project: Asia

Song: Heat of the Moment


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Side Project: The Traveling Wilburys

Song: Handle With Care



Side Project: Bad Company

Song: Feel Like Makin’ Love


System of a Down

Side Project: Scars on Broadway

Song: They Say



Side Project: City and Colour

Song: Comin Home


Cee-Lo Green

Side Project: Gnarls Barkley

Song: Crazy


The Format

Side Project: fun.

Song: We Are Young

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