Music Monday: Fest 12 Playlist

By Dana Burke

If you start to notice a weird smell in the air this week, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the crust punks.

From Thursday to Sunday, Downtown Gainesville will host thousands of music-lovers, most likely dressed in all black, for The Fest 12.

For me, Fest weekend is the best weekend of the year. All my friends come from out of town, the weather is usually starting to get crisp, and there’s good music, cheap drinks and general debauchery. What could be better?

With close to 400 bands and 15 venues, there are plenty of tunes to be heard. Here is my must-listen playlist for the upcoming weekend.

(If after listening to this playlist you suddenly want to attend, you can still buy a walk-up four-day pass for $150 at the Holiday Inn on University and 13th starting Thursday at noon. For more information, including a full list of bands, the show schedules and FAQs, visit

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