Music Monday: Must-See Concert Fails

By Maureen Mariano

Although this four-day homecoming weekend has been nothing short of amazing, it doesn’t change the fact that today is still our least favorite day of the week. To cure the Monday Blues, we’ve compiled five of the most epic concert fails to remind you that music artists aren’t always as badass as they seem, and, in that moment of failure, our mediocre lives aren’t all that bad in comparison. You’ll laugh, cry or become speechless with these downright embarrassing moments onstage!

5. Beyoncé’s Hair Gets Caught in Fan

Beyoncé’s halo got caught in a fan while singing “Halo” at a 2013 Mrs. Carter World Tour concert in Montreal. But like the superstar she is, Queen Bey continued singing while her bodyguard attempted to free her luscious locks from the wind machine.


4. Lady Gaga’s Puking Performance

Lady Gaga threw up not once but multiple times at a concert in Barcelona, Spain, in 2012. It turns out Mother Monster wasn’t on the “Edge of Glory” but on the verge of puking as she strut down a staircase during the hit song’s musical performance.


3.  Carrie Underwood Takes a Tumble

The country singer took a dive during a concert in Corpus Christi, Texas, but she gracefully continued singing … on the floor.


2. Justin Bieber vs. Water Bottle (x2)

On Nov. 2, Justin Bieber got hit in the face with a water bottle during a concert in São Paulo, Brazil, but this wasn’t the first time a fan pelted a water bottle at him. He first took a hit in August 2010. This time, however, Biebs stormed off stage and cut his concert short.


1. Miguel’s Miscalculated Landing

Miguel takes the No. 1 spot in today’s most epic concert fail when he miscalculated a dramatic jump kick and landed on a fan’s face during his performance of “Adorn” at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

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