Quick DIY Room Décor

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By: Taryn Tacher

Does your room look a little dull? Are the walls lacking that trendy flair you only find in Urban Outfitters store windows? Are you just too busy to decorate your room to reflect your personality?

In less than an hour, you can create a beautiful and unique dream catcher that will transform any barren wall.


Plastic or wooden embroidery hoop

Spool of yarn

Friendship string

Beads (individual or pre-strung)




  1.     Separate the inner embroidery hoop from the outer embroidery hoop. You will not need the outer embroidery hoop.
  2.     Tie a knot of yarn around the inner embroidery hoop.
  3.     Coil the yarn around the hoop until it is completely covered. Cut off the excess yarn.
  4.     Tie a knot of friendship string around the hoop.
  5.     Wrap the string over the hoop and pull the rest of it through to form a loop or loose knot around the hoop.
  6.     Repeat this step to create loops along the entire edge of the hoop, spacing the loops about one or two inches apart.
  7.     Continue making loops, but instead of wrapping the string around the hoop, wrap it around the loops you have just made. As you get closer to the center, the loops will become smaller, and the string will become taut, You’ll see the classic dream catcher pattern forming.
  8.     When you can no longer continue making loops because you’ve reached the center of the hoop, tie the friendship string into a knot and cut off the excess.
  9.     Tie yarn and string beads from the bottom half of the hoop.
  10. Tie feathers to the bottom of the yarn.
  11. Hang on a nail or thumbtack or from the center of a fan.

Additional tips:

  •      Use ombré yarn or multiple different yarns to create a more colorful dream catcher.
  •      Add beads to the friendship string for a more decorative center.
  •      Dab the bottom of the feathers with glue and sprinkle with glitter for a sparkly finish.

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