Real Simple Snack Ideas

By Ellen Andreu

When the afternoon cravings hit, it’s important to have a fridge stuffed with healthy snacks to fill up on. It might be easy to grab a granola bar or frozen TV dinner, but if you are looking for simple snacks with fresh ingredients, here are some ideas.


    1. Baby carrots and hummus: This simple snack is ideal for taking to class or the office. Busy schedules make it hard to fit in every serving of fruit and vegetables needed each day. Bringing a bag of baby carrots and filling up a Tupperware of black bean, roasted red pepper or roasted pine nut hummus is a perfect solution to bringing in more vegetables and protein into your daily diet.’
    2. Banana, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon toast: For those looking to include a little bit of everything in their snacks, this toast includes natural sugars and a little bit of spice for a wholesome 3 o’clock meal. Cinnamon and honey are loaded with antioxidants, the bananas and toast will give you some extra carbs, and the peanut butter adds a little extra protein to the mix.
    3. Frozen blueberries dipped in Greek yogurt. On a hot Florida day, it’s especially a good idea to keep a cold snack ready to fill you up and cool you down. For this snack, just dip blueberries in a tub of Greek yogurt and then put them in a tray in the freezer until they are completely frozen. Put them in a plastic bag and then you have ready-to-eat blueberry yogurt bites for any occasion.




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