Running Outside the Lines: The Color Run 2014

By Rachel Kurland

Almost 4,000 people, including 100 volunteers, were in attendance for The Color Run on Sept. 27 on Bo Diddley Community Plaza. This lively 5K stops in more than 140 cities, so what makes it so special here in Gainesville?

This year, The Color Run partnered with local charities Peaceful Paths and Camp Kesem. Peaceful Paths promotes violence-free relationships, and Camp Kesem gives children who have a parent with cancer the opportunity to participate in a life-changing summer camp.

Whether participants enjoy supporting local causes or being immersed in color, they showed up excited and ready to run. I talked to a few first-time color runners to see what they enjoyed most from the event.

Image Courtesy of Marisa Ross

Cherie Cox, left, has participated in runs like the GATE River Run in Jacksonville before, but this was her first Color Run experience with her friend Toni Davis, right. She said she enjoyed the fun atmosphere as long as no one timed her.

Although it’s only about three miles, Cox said she makes her own rules.

“Half is as long as I want to go,” she said.

Image Courtesy of Marisa Ross

Liz Walker, left, said she attended the event to support the causes.

“(It) means so much when you’re doing it for something,” she said.

Julie Sassaman, right, said she wanted to experience the colorful attire.

“How many opportunities do you have to wear a tutu normally?” she said.

Image Courtesy of Marisa Ross

Ivan Arevalo, right, said The Color Run was not about competition but about having a good time. He said he almost missed the opportunity, but Sunena Bathini, left, invited him the night before.

“(It) sounds like fun, why not?” Arevalo said.

Image Courtesy of Marisa Ross
Image Courtesy of Marisa Ross

Shelly Rhodes said she was pumped for The Color Run after hearing about it online, but her costume preparation was last minute. Fortunately, she had some tutu-making supplies lying around. The night before the run she decided she would bring her dog, Stella. She said Stella loves wearing costumes and certainly pulled this one off — colored powder and all.

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