Social Media Public Figures Making A Living

By: Lawrence Laguna

Since the creation of social media outlets such as YouTube, Instagram and Vine, regular users have been able to become social media famous and become Internet celebrities.

From models to comedians, these public figures have verified accounts and captured hundreds of thousands to millions of followers to create their own brand. But has the Internet created a platform for anyone to become famous and make a living off of posts?

There are plenty of social media users that have succeeded by using these platforms. Entertainer KingBach, musician Shawn Mendes and fitness model Jen Selter all started on different platforms to become these celebrities and are profiting from it.

Andrew Bachelor, also known as KingBach, is an actor who started on Vine. According to his Vine profile, he has 14.5 million followers and has posted over 600 Vine videos that have accumulated more than 5 billion loops and counting.

KingBach has been able to use Vine and the Internet to open up other doors in the entertainment industry. He has been a part of a Showtime comedy series, “House Of Lies” in a recurring role.

Not only is KingBach gaining exposure, but he’s getting paid to do it. According to, Viners can make anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 per ad campaign. What KingBach makes alone is anywhere $10,000 to $15,000 a month from sponsored vines, and charges $1,000 per every 100,000 followers.

Another Vine superstar who made his career take off was singer Shawn Mendes. The 17-year-old started by posting covers to other artist’s songs on Vine. His covers of popular songs gained a lot of attraction and soon later he was signed to Island Records in 2014, according to

Mendes would then release his debut studio album in April, which is led by the single, “Stitches” that has over 100 million views on YouTube to be his most popular song yet. With being signed to a record label now, Mendes, with just being a teen, has no limits where his singing career can take him.

Lastly, if you’re an aspiring fitness model, Instagram can be your outlet. When you’re on the app, you can find yourself scrolling through posts on the explore tab and find images of models easily.

One of the most popular examples is Jen Selter, a fitness junkie turned model, who has 7.8 million followers on Instagram. Her fitness videos and images went viral as inspiration to fitness junkies everywhere, and her popular bottom built through her workouts is what added to her social media fame.

According to, Selter even created her own type of images and hashtags with “seltering” and “belfies,” which is a butt selfie. She would gain more popularity when fan accounts would repost her original posts. Elitedaily even posted a YouTube video of Selter in a comedy role of having “The most Instagrammed Ass.”

Selter is now a fitness celeb and as reported by, Selter makes $50,000 off a sponsored post.

Overall, if you’re making funny videos, covering popular songs or showcasing a fitness bod, social media platforms have given the average person an opportunity to excel. Now, the average person’s successful outreach on social media can result in a living.

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