Swamp Talk: Gainesville’s Best Sushi

By Brock Seng

Image Courtesy: blessthisstuff.com
Image Courtesy: blessthisstuff.com

While I have been at UF I have grown quite a taste for sushi, specifically any kind of eel-based roll. There is something about the chewy texture of eel and the “extreme” fish flavor that comes along with it that makes any sushi roll superb. Sushi in general is an absolutely amazing creation that deserves to be at the table while dining with God himself. Yes, sushi is that amazing. It is so amazing that there have been weeks where every one of my nights were spent inside a sushi restaurant. There have been days where lunch and dinner were sushi. And while Gainesville doesn’t have the best sushi restaurant of all time (that belongs to Sakura of Lynn Haven, Fla.), it does have some pretty amazing sushi.

To help out everyone on where they want to spend their dime for some sushi, I have made a list of the top three sushi restaurants in Gainesville:

Dragonfly Sushi

Cost: $$$ out of $$$$

Location: Downtown Gainesville off 2nd Ave.

Dragonfly Sushi is going to cost you a good portion of your rent for the month but it’s worth it in the end. Situated in downtown Gainesville, Dragonfly is one of the classiest of all the sushi places in Gainesville. It’s not a t-shirt and jeans type of place. You should dress up accordingly. The sushi is top notch and the menu is vast. You have selections from raw fish to baked rolls to fried rolls. From eel to tuna. You can even custom make your sushi by selecting the ingredients to go in your roll, for an extra charge of course. Dragonfly is one of the most popular sushi places in Gainesville and rightly so.


Ichiban Sushi

Cost: $$$ out of $$$$

Location: near Fresh Market

Ichiban Sushi isn’t close by the school, making it harder for a college student without a car to get there. But Ichiban is still an amazing place. The atmosphere feels like a mixture of classy and sports bar, as they always have ESPN on the TVs. They have an wide array of food, from sushi to asian cuisine. The amount of rolls they have spans three pages, including baked rolls and deep friend rolls. One roll, the Aji San roll, is a mixture of almost every kind of fish you could think of, and then they bake it and cover it with smoked salmon. Ichiban is expensive and you will be paying a lot when you go. But you’re paying for quality. If you have a car and can drive, try Ichiban.


Miya Sushi

Cost: $$ out of $$$$

Location: Butler Plaza by one of the million Publix stores in Butler Plaza

Miya Sushi is probably the least known of these three sushi places. Located in Butler Plaza, it is easy to get to if you live on campus because there are many buses that take you right there. Miya has a great selection of sushi, sadly not much eel, but they do have a unique type of roll called “Rolls on Fire” where the roll is literally on fire. They put it in a pan, light it up, and bring it out to you. It’s worth singeing some arm hair to eat one of these rolls. Try Miya for a cheaper, yet delicious, sushi experience.

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