Swamp Talk: Journalism Girls Ranked "Hottest" Among All Majors

By Phillip Heilman

Are you a guy looking for a hot date this weekend in Gainesville?

According to the website TotalFratMove.com, you should be searching the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, which is located in Weimer Hall.

The website ranked the top 10 majors with the hottest girls earlier this week, and journalism came in at the top spot.

“Whether it’s communications, advertising, telecommunications, or just good old fashioned j-school: year after year this group of girls comes out on top,” the post reads.

“From the masses of future sidelines reporters, to the local news smokeshows to be, journalism has a lot going for it.”

The poll was compiled by a UF graduate, so it is likely he has some personal experience in what the university has to offer.

As a graduating senior from the college, I tend to believe girls who are looking for an attractive date this weekend will also have luck lurking near Weimer Hall. With its proximity to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, you might even do one better and run into a Florida athlete.

Other majors who made the list include nursing, education and design.

For the full poll, click here.

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