Swamp Talk: UF’s Best-Kept Secrets

By Mallory Schindler

After a little over three years at UF, I know campus like the back of my hand. While some buildings are just plain useless (Has anyone actually seen someone walk into Frazier-Rogers Hall?), others save the day often. Here are just a few spots on campus you probably didn’t know existed but you will now never be able to live without.

Best place to take a breather: Baughman Center

Just across from the Lakeside dorms and on Museum Road is the Baughman Center. You’ve probably never even seen it because it’s tucked behind the trees, but it’s a tiny chapel that sits on Lake Alice. Though small in stature, the chapel is striking, with intricate construction and floor to ceiling windows that look out on the lake. It’s peaceful and filled with unbelievable natural light, and though it is occasionally used for weddings or other events, it is often empty, providing the serenity you need to study or just take a break.

Best place to park: University Press

We all know that UF parking is the worst thing to happen to mankind. How many times have you tried to get somewhere on campus but got delayed because you can’t find a space? If you’re going anywhere on campus in the evening, but especially if you’re going to Lib West, park at the University Press. It’s just north of University Avenue and right behind Chipotle, and it has its own UF decal lot. You can park there after 4:30, and though the lot is small, it usually has a few spaces open. It’s such a great location for all of your midtown and library needs, and no one knows about this lot. I probably shouldn’t have even told you.

Best place to use the restroom: Jamba Juice/Subway

Some of the restrooms on campus are beautiful, like the ones with marble countertops in the Welcome Center (not that they’re trying to impress anyone), and some are death traps, like the Turlington bathrooms. If you’re in the center of campus, meaning Turlington/CSE/Hub area, the Jamba way is the way to go. Yes, there’s a bathroom in there, and yes, it’s public. It’s tucked in the back corner of the building behind Subway, and it’s always clean and empty. You’re welcome.

Best place to print in a hurry: Weil Hall

The CIRCA labs have saved me from many a crisis. If you have a paper due, like, now, and nowhere to print, hoof it over to Weil Hall, next to Weimer and across from the stadium. Though the CSE lab is also in a central location, it’s always packed, and someone is always in line for the printer before you. Weil is by far my favorite. It’s quiet, hidden and never busy. The building is confusing, though, and they don’t make it easy to find the lab. If you head in through the front doors on Stadium Road, take the stairs that are just inside and to the left, and go up to Room 408, you’ll see it.

Best place to grab a snack: Little Hall Express

When you think about how much food we have on campus, it truly is disgusting. But we love it. And if you’re going to eat on campus, avoid the suffocating, packed Reitz Food Court and the boring Hub and go to Little Hall Express. This place sits right near Carleton Auditorium – you know, where all your freshman classes were – and is sadly overlooked. It’s great because it carries Boar’s Head (and who doesn’t want a Pubsub between classes) and a selective Starbucks menu (which means you can skip the horrendous line at the Hub). Happy eating, y’all.

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