5 Uses For A Pumpkin You Never Thought Of

By Rachel Kurland Orange you glad it’s not burning hot outside anymore? I think we can all agree we deserved a break from the Florida heat and humidity. Fortunately, the temperature has cooled beautifully this fall. Now it’s finally pumpkin season. Pumpkins have taken over stores, food brands and Facebook profile pictures, and even though Halloween is over, this season staple isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, … Continue reading 5 Uses For A Pumpkin You Never Thought Of

Dreaming of a Whimsical Christmas

BY DENA MANOS Guest Blogger http://prettycraftd.tumblr.com Tis’ the season to be CRAFTY!  The holidays are quickly approaching and that means there is limited time left for decorating. For students who are away from home, decorating a dorm or apartment can put everyone into the festive spirit.  This Whimsical Christmas Tree can make even the worst Grinch feel jolly. With only two materials needed, this craft … Continue reading Dreaming of a Whimsical Christmas