Dreaming of a Whimsical Christmas

BY DENA MANOS Guest Blogger http://prettycraftd.tumblr.com Tis’ the season to be CRAFTY!  The holidays are quickly approaching and that means there is limited time left for decorating. For students who are away from home, decorating a dorm or apartment can put everyone into the festive spirit.  This Whimsical Christmas Tree can make even the worst Grinch feel jolly. With only two materials needed, this craft … Continue reading Dreaming of a Whimsical Christmas

'Tis the season…For Fantasy Football

BY JOHN RAKOWSKI It’s no secret amongst sports fans how popular fantasy games have become. While many still remain faithful to their professional teams, others have put their feelings aside and built their own rosters in hopes of outscoring their fellow couch coaches. In this world of matchups, an athlete’s achievements are based on how many points he accumulates according to a standard scoring system … Continue reading 'Tis the season…For Fantasy Football

Keeping Your Figure Through the Holidays

BY STEPHANIE WEHRMANN Now that we are two weeks into November and Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, can we say it’s the holiday season yet? Well, I’m going to go ahead and say it is. Let the parties, cocktails and home-cooked meals commence. It’s that time of the year to eat and be merry. But those holiday meals, you know, the stuff-your-face-they’re-so-good meals … Continue reading Keeping Your Figure Through the Holidays