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Baring It All: A Year in Review

By Rachel Kurland This year’s trendsetting color: nude. Some of pop culture’s favorite celebrities have bared it all — Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightley, Kim Kardashian. But why? They claim to do it for art or a societal statement, but a little research shows that it’s just for shameless self-promotion. Some people, however, support their nakedness. The […]

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How to Decorate Your Home With Gold

By Justine Giancola Decorating your home can be a creative way to display your individual style with the endless possibilities of paint, fabrics, furniture, flooring and more. Different odds and ends can also make all the difference when pulling spaces together. This season, gold is stocking the shelves and can give your home the fresh […]

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4 Ways to Color Code Your Life

By Cara Chiaramonte Whether you’re trying to take care of your kids while working full time or preparing for your next exam, a busy schedule is a busy schedule. And when you’re busy, organization is key. That’s where color comes into play. According to MIT researchers, the brain can still recognize and identify an image […]

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The PLAY Issue

Look out for Orange & Blue’s Fall 2012 Play Issue, hitting stands around campus soon! There are tons of different ways to “play” and the students of Gainesville know how. Inside this issue, we show how musicians, artists, gamers and party animals bring color and life to this small college town we know and love. […]