The Politics of Friendship


With the presidential elections creeping up on us, it’s to be expected that the candidates are a hot topic to talk about. And although the same conversations are just rehashed over and over again, it’s at least tolerable. After all, it’s an important election. But what is not so tolerable are the political debates.

I’m not writing about the political debates that millions sit down and watch on TV. I’m writing about the political debates that are taking place on Facebook. The social network as become a forum to voice your political stance. I’ve seen posts from both sides of the spectrum, and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. I find myself wondering if my political-posting friends really think that they will affect others’ opinions about both parties and both candidates. Posting status, or should I say rants, about why one candidate is greater than his competitor doesn’t serve you well, especially if your friends don’t agree.

My advice on how to keep friends–don’t talk about politics!

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