The Power of Believing in Yourself

By Alyssa Weiss

We live in the age of comparison. Our Instagram feeds display our picture-perfect lives for thousands of followers to admire. We post our greatest achievements on Facebook so our hundreds of friends can stay in the loop. We make a Snapchat story every time we’re doing, eating or watching something impressive. In a time where social media is thriving, it’s only natural to want to take part in branding ourselves through our online networks. I’m just as guilty of doing it as everyone else.

What I’m not guilty of, however, is letting others’ broadcasted successes diminish the belief I have in myself. In college, it’s difficult to feel like you stand out from your peers. We’re in the same majors, taking the same classes and learning the same techniques. We all know when a classmate got published thanks to a web post, or when someone got an internship thanks to a LinkedIn update. It sometimes feels like it’s impossible to think you’re going to make it big one day when everyone around you already is, but it’s that line of thinking that’s going to hold you back.

While applying to law school, I quickly realized that I needed to believe in myself more than ever if I wanted to get accepted everywhere I applied. I had to have confidence that my application could hold its own against everyone else’s, or the admissions board would see right through me. Thanks in part to that confidence, I was accepted to every law school I applied to within the span of two weeks; getting accepted to the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law was one of the best days of my life. Even though there were people with higher scores or a better resume than mine, knowing I had faith in myself to succeed made all the difference.

No matter what it is you want to accomplish, believing in yourself is the first step to reaching that goal. Telling yourself you can’t do it automatically puts you at a disadvantage. So stop comparing yourself to the things and people you see on social media. Instead, let their successes motivate you to create your own. Strive to have your own post-worthy life. Having the mindset that you can do anything you put your mind to truly makes all the difference.

And when you do accomplish something, go ahead and post that update online if you want to. You’re allowed to be proud of yourself, and you can display that pride however you choose. Just make sure to throw a like to someone else’s proud moment too.

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