'Tis the season…For Fantasy Football

It’s no secret amongst sports fans how popular fantasy games have become. While many still remain faithful to their professional teams, others have put their feelings aside and built their own rosters in hopes of outscoring their fellow couch coaches. In this world of matchups, an athlete’s achievements are based on how many points he accumulates according to a standard scoring system off the field, not whether his team wins on the field. In this league players don’t break records or build legacies; they earn your trust or break your heart. They aren’t simply players anymore, they’re pawns in a new game changing how fans watch sports.

Tis’ the season when trade deadlines have passed, football injuries have become prevalent and a final push for the playoffs is on every fantasy player’s mind. At 5-6 — I’ve lost five straight — I need to win the final two weeks of my regular season to have a chance to win the jackpot. And what does that entail, you ask? Depending on the league, it can range from bragging rights to money in the bank. Being that my starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford, plays on Thanksgiving Thursday, turkey and stuffing aren’t the only things I have to look forward to. I can only hope he carves up the Texans Defense and leads me to victory this week.

Good luck to everyone playing in the only gaming sport where amateurs can pretend to be professionals and receive credit for it. May your 2012 fantasy football season end in cheer. To everyone else following along, Happy Turkey Day.

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