Valentine’s Day Gifts & Date Ideas


By: Briana Anderson

Oh boy, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Candy hearts. Red roses. Fancy dinner dates. That’s how most people envision V-Day, isn’t it?

So, how do you make things special for your significant other? Look no further. I’ve got you covered for gift and date ideas.


The perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune! To prove my point, I’ve listed five options here that can all be found for $100 or less.

  1. Fragrance Sets – When it comes to purchasing cologne or perfume, this is an ideal time of the year to pick out a fabulous fragrance set. Stop into your local department store to see what promotions are currently available (I promise you, there will be ones happening around this holiday). The majority of these sets will include perfume, body lotions, cologne, aftershave or travel size products.
  2. Spa/Gym Gift Certificates – Whether you’re buying for a spa lover or a gym junkie, gift certificates for memberships and services are always great options. Maybe your better half has been eyeing a new workout class or is yearning for a Swedish massage (maybe even couples massages?!).
  3. Concert/Sporting Event Tickets – Has your lover been dying to be on the sidelines or cheering from the front row? Sometimes the best gift is the chance to spend more time with your loved one in a different setting! Try to check schedules before purchasing to make sure you’re both able to attend.
  4. Treats/Flowers  – You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates and flowers in hand. But, why not try something a little different? Rather than traditional store-bought candies, maybe purchase an edible arrangement to be delivered, chocolate-covered strawberries or local gourmet desserts. Wanting to stray from the normal red roses? Pick up a beautiful orchid arrangement!
  5. Something From The Heart – One of the best gifts to give is one that’s personal and significant. Maybe it’s a homemade CD with memorable songs, a book of poems or special meal that’s reminiscent of a first date. Whatever the case, don’t skimp on the little details here – they’ll surely be admired.


Now, on to that big factor that we all try not to screw up: THE PLANS. No need to panic! Here’s a list of 15 amazing date ideas for spending time with your partner during the day or night:

  1. Catch an afternoon matinée.
  2. Go to a museum and then head to a local café for some sweets and coffee.
  3. Go see a play, ballet or orchestra.
  4. Go to a comedy club.
  5. Go to the spa and get a couples massage (possible gift idea!).
  6. Go on a picnic. Too cold outside? Make an indoor picnic area equipped with candles and a cooked meal!
  7. Have a movie night. Pizza is always an option, especially when it’s heart shaped.
  8. Go to a wine tasting.
  9. Take a cooking class together.
  10. Go skydiving together – talk about memorable!
  11. Go kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding.
  12. Dine with a view – rooftop, balcony or an out-of-town venue!
  13. Go stargazing. I recommend bringing an extra blanket and a bottle of bubbly!
  14. Go bowling or play a round of mini golf. Flashback to earlier memories?
  15. Take a hike together. Exercise is more fun with a partner!

No matter what you plan or purchase, the key to a perfect Valentine’s Day is to make your special someone feel extra important. I hope these tips and ideas make your planning just a little easier!

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