Wearing the Right Shade May Make You Popular With The Opposite Sex

By Meghan Pryce

The popular saying “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” may have some truth to it, especially regarding color.

A 2003 study shows that (surprise, surprise) men and women have different opinions when it comes to color preferences. About 230 people participated ages 15 to 81 participated. Thirty-eight percent were male, and 62 percent were female. Those surveyed were asked 28 questions, including their favorite and least favorite colors.

Courtesy of Capture Queen
Courtesy of Capture Queen

Women’s favorite color: Thirty-five percent of women indicated blue was their favorite color, followed by 23 percent for purple and 14 percent for green.

Men’s favorite color: Blue was the color of choice for 57 percent of men. Fourteen percent said green was their favorite color, and 7 percent preferred red.

Women’s least favorite color: Sorry to break it to you my fellow Gators, but 33 percent of women reported orange as their least favorite color. Twenty percent weren’t a fan of brown, and 17 percent didn’t like gray.

Men’s least favorite color: Twenty-seven percent of men listed brown as least preferred. Men seem to feel the same way women do about the color orange. Twenty-two percent indicated it was their least favorite color, and 22 percent said purple.

Men and women both like the color blue, but neither likes orange nor brown. Although none of the men surveyed chose purple as his favorite color, it was the second most popular color among the ladies.

Another study published by the American Psychological Association showed that women are more attracted to men in red. According to Psychology Today, half of the participants from a study were shown a picture of a man on a red background for five seconds. The other half saw the same image on a white background. The participants deemed the man on the red background more attractive. Findings from a different study by the same researchers showed that men are more sexually attracted to women dressed in red. These results aren’t too surprising because red is associated with passion and desire.

Next time you take a selfie for your Tinder profile picture, keep in mind which colors are preferred by the opposite sex. Maybe by simply swapping one colored shirt for another, that special someone will swipe right.

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