Weird Food Pairings: Chicken and Waffles Edition

By Jacob Embuscado 

chicken and waffles .jpg

Oh, the age-old debate. For years, a food trend has been popularized in the United States and yet the question still lingers. Do chicken and waffles go together?

University of Florida student Rio Lu says he took the plunge and finally gave into trying this food concoction. His reaction?

“I was so excited and I tried it – and I cried,” Lu said. “I felt conflicted and at home and in the wild all at once – and I got overwhelmed.”

He said the first time he had chicken and waffles it was a naughty experience, yet good, since he was on a diet.

University of Florida student Adam Behar doesn’t find chicken and waffles to be his favorite food pair, but he did say the combination went well together.

The Coop Restaurant is known for it’s Chicken and Waffle meal, which is where Behar usually orders the food pair from. On Tuesdays, he order’s it as part of The Coop’s special deal on tenders. Occasionally, he will splurge and buy chicken and waffles.

Kurt Yilmaz, a computer engineer at UF,  thought of chicken and waffles differently. Although he thinks it’s a good source of comfort food, he is neutral about chicken and waffles.

“It’s just not a huge interest,” Yilmaz said. “But it’s a good food.”

The individuals interviewed seemed either adamant or neutral about whether chicken and waffles is a good combination of food items. However, I think it’s an incredible combination with the right blend of sweet and savory flavors and made to taste nice and crispy.
Many people will have different opinions. Some may love it, some may dislike it. But it seems like with time, chicken and waffles will become more commonly accepted as a food combination that people will enjoy.

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