Wellness Wednesday: Turn Your Room Into a Zen Zone

By Mary Elysee Velasco

After lugging around textbook-heavy backpack all day and trudging through a long, hot walk from the bus stop, the last thing you want to go back to is a musky, stuffy home. Take your space from “clutter capital” to a total relaxation room. You don’t need to be an interior designer to put feng shui to work. Feng shui, which translates directly to “wind and water,” emphasizes that people’s flow and energy are connected to the state of their living spaces. Get some good chi and give these tips a try – subtle changes will make drastic differences!

Sunlight Is Your Friend:  Here comes the sun! Natural light is revitalizing and increases productivity. Move your desk closer to a window, or if daylight is limited, use full-spectrum bulbs or plaster your walls with lively photos.

Plant Some Happiness: Greens and rich colors are not only visually appealing, but the soothing hues are also said to calm nerves. Worried that along with papers and projects that you’ll forget to water your foliage friend? Bamboo plants are top choices for college kids, as bamboos are resilient and nearly impossible to kill. (If you manage to do so, congratulations on your efforts.)

Fountain of Youth: Don’t get premature forehead wrinkles because of stress. Invest in a

small fountain. The sounds of trickling water will bring peace and serenity to your dowdy dorm. Decorate the fountain with lotus flowers or stones for full effect. If you buy a fountain with a built-in light, turn it on right before bed for a restful sleep.

Mom Told You to Take Out the Trash: And it’s pretty obvious that mothers know best. Don’t hang on to unnecessary scraps. Old boxes, clothes, assignments – whisk away sources of “negative energy.” If you pile on the junk, it will only suffocate you and fill your room with needless heaviness.

Put Away the Laptop: Before you drift off to dreamland, store away your cell phones, laptops, books or other things you associate with work. Create a clear distinction between labor and leisure. By separating the two worlds, you won’t lie awake at night thinking of tomorrow’s agenda.

Feel the Love: Showcase photos of your family and friends around the room. Not only will you get to show off your loved ones to your guests, your personal mementos are constant reminders of happy memories and will subconsciously improve your mood.


Photo from http://www.premedlife.com/1/post/2011/11/college-101-dorm-room-feng-shui-simple-ways-to-give-your-room-a-new-vibe.html
Photo from http://www.premedlife.com/1/post/2011/11/college-101-dorm-room-feng-shui-simple-ways-to-give-your-room-a-new-vibe.html

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