Why Snapchat is so popular: Controlling time on social media

By: Ellen Villafuerte

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Snapchat is one of the most popular smartphone apps today. From “snapping” a video of what you’re currently doing to sending a selfie to a select group of friends, this app is now commonplace. If you’re one of the few that is still wondering what all the fuss is about, we’ve broken it down for you:

  1. You decide how long your friends get to see something.

Whenever you send a snap, whether it’s a photo or video, you get to control how long your friends can view it. Two seconds? Ten seconds? It’s up to you. This means that your friend may have little time to see what you sent, because if they don’t pay enough attention, then just like that, it’s gone.

  1. You can see what time your friend opened your snap.

Just like a text message, after sending a snap, you may be waiting anxiously for your friend to see it and respond. But unlike text messaging (excluding the time stamps on iPhone messages) you can actually see what time your snap was opened. While you may not always get the response you were hoping for, at least you won’t be up all night wondering if that snap was ever opened at all.

  1. There’s no dwelling involved.

Whether you never got a response to the snap you sent to your crush, or if you sent them an embarrassing snap when you weren’t completely yourself, there’s no need to dwell on what exactly you sent — not that you can, anyway. With Snapchat, once you send that picture or video, you’re never seeing it again (unless someone takes a screenshot of it). Pretty soon, you won’t even remember what it was.

  1. No time to get the perfect shot? No problem.

One of the greatest things about Snapchat is that unlike other photo apps, the recipient is not expecting perfect quality. No need to worry about the angle, which filter to use, the exact right lighting, etc.  Just take the snap, send it, and you’re done!

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