My Story Of Conquering A Fear: Ginnie Springs Edition

By Natasha Zapata


So I’m pretty much afraid of everything in the water. Ocean, lake, or river water, I don’t mess with. Now that I think of it, I get pretty anxious about anything that isn’t a cat or a dog. I’m not sure where this fear came from, but it’s definitely gotten worse throughout the years.

I used to be able to swim in lakes and in beaches, and then a couple of years ago I saw a jellyfish on the shore and thought, “What if I had been in the water while the jellyfish was?” Realizing that there was a possibility of that happening, I haven’t been in beach water since.

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Becoming Comfortable With The Haitian Culture

By Alison Eckerle

If youre looking to get out of your comfort zone, I would definitely suggest going to a third world country.

Yes, I know its unconventional.

I spent my spring break this year in Haiti. And it was the most comfortable uncomfortable thing Ive ever done.

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It’s Not Your Clothes, It’s You!

By Edwin Exaus


Men and women have been stuck with the tough decision of choosing style over comfort for years. Whether it has been forcing their feet in a pair of shoes to impress a date, or sporting an outfit three sizes too small to show their friends he or she still has it. Many people squeeze, stuff, zip and wiggle themselves into garments every day, all in the name of fashion. But the battle shouldn’t be if you’re going to have to sacrifice your style for comfort or vice versa, but in fact, what comfortable outfit that you can put on and feel confident in all day.  

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