Fashion Friday: A Touch of Fur

By Julianne Wilson

Happy Fashion Friday, all!

So this past week, things got extremely fury in Milan at the Fendi Fall/Winter 2013 Ready To Wear fashion show . I’m not talking about just the average collar and wrist trims or ordinary fur coats, although that was there too. I’m talking head-to-toe fur combinations. This leads me to my top fashion pick of the week, brought to you by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld (who’s the creative director of this multinational luxury brand, for any of your rookies).

Result: The seriously awesome sunglasses adorned with fur detail on the arms.  Their soft diamond shape and thick frames made for an edgy, yet playful combination that was displayed in colors like bright berry pink and Gator orange. Although the models rocked them with funky, dip-dyed mohawks, don’t be fooled — you can still look normal and cute rocking these Fendi shades (or ones similar) in real life and off the runway.

Here’s how:

Well, obviously Fendi is not in every fashionista’s price range (including mine). And since these bad boys were just introduced to the fashion world this past Thursday, it’s going to be a little while before people can get their hands on the imitations that stores need time to make before fall. So what do you do besides sit at home drooling over your app until these sassy furballs hit the market?

Calling all DIY-ers!

Go to your favorite shop for sunglasses and pick out ones with a thick, bold frame that you’d feel confident rocking and that have arms wide enough to glue (faux) fur onto them (I suggest going to Claire’s and/or Icing in the Oaks Mall for the more cheaper ones!). Next, hit up Michaels or whatever your favorite craft store may be, for some fuzzy, furry add-ons and some strong craft glue (go for clear, not thick and white — it will be neater to work with!). For the Fendi look, get a fuzzy hue that matches that of the sunglasses’ arms. The more eccentric and edgy you want the look to be, the more fur you should add.

But, what the heck do you wear these things with without getting a weird look from everyone you see on campus? Simply dress down the whole rest of your look by pairing them with simple denim jeans, a white tank top and some Converse sneakers or Toms (perhaps the color of your sunglasses). You can also try a lose tank top over a bandeau top that matches the color of your sunglasses. To take the funk downtown on a Friday night, rock the shades with the never-fail little black dress. To finalize the playful look, go for a pair of heels that share your shades’ hue and a simple metallic cross-body chain bag for the perfect touch.

It might be too hot to wear fur on our bodies right now, but no one ever said the same rules apply for eyewear! So go, go, go! Begin your DIY project now, so that you’re ahead of the game come fall.

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