Fashion Deal: The Express Fantasy

By Thuria Abuzamel

Hello Fashionistas!

Springtime is approaching, and in the fashion world, that means it’s time for shorts, bronzer and bright hues. Ladies, you can put away your jackets, sweaters and scarves. It’s time to start showing of those legs you have been hiding all winter.

I suggest you check out Express and their “deals & steals” because once you do, you will not be able to escape their sale, which for me, is an absolute fantasy. What I like most about Express is that they have items for everyday wear, for work and for going out.  Express is sophisticated yet affordable, making it one of the top fashion retailers for men and women.

Currently, the deals and steals include:

-30-percent-off dresses and outerwear; colored jeans for $49.90

-Tees, camis and jewelry are buy-one-get-one for $9.90

-Graphic tees, jeans, pants, scarves and tights are buy-one-get-one 50 percent off;

-sweaters are under $40

-essential shirts are buy-one-get-one for $19.90

-shorts are buy-one-get-one for $29.90

This list may be overwhelming but if you are as crazed about fashion as I am, then these deals are like paradise waiting for a shopper to indulge.

One of my favorite items is the Crocheted Lace Shorts. The high-rise, Boho-chic style combined

Express  Crocheted Shorts
Express Crocheted Lace Shorts

with the elegance of lace is what drew me to these shorts. Different trends blended all into one give an item a uniqueness that could rival a Pablo Picasso painting. Because of the versatility of the shorts, you can pair them with almost anything.

In my opinion, the shorts would look great with the Deep Peacock Double V-neck Button Shoulder Tee. The V-neck tee and lace shorts make for a casual every day outfit.

Want to dress up the shorts? If so, check out the Express essential shirts. My favorite is the Convertible Sleeve Two-Pocket Essential Shirt. The bright salmon color will get you noticed anywhere, and the slim fit design is made to complement the majority of body types.

Though many women are unsure what type of shorts they should wear for their body types, Express thankfully has a variety of shorts with different lengths that help alleviate some of this worry and let you choose what matches you best.

The short shorts like the Express Crocheted Lace Shorts work best for slimmer body types. For those who are slightly curvier, mid-length shorts are the best.

To finish up your look, choose a pair of shoes that can  help turn your outfit casual or more dressy. The Nordstrom shoe clearance has a variety of styles that are up to 50 percent off. For a more casual look, pair the lace shorts and V-neck outfit with the Enzo Angiolini ‘Katira’ Sandal or the ‘Teddy’ Sandal. These styles of shoes are designed for comfort, so you can strut around campus in them. For a more sophisticated look, pair the lace shorts and the bright salmon essential shirt with nude wedges, making you the Kate Moss of Gainesville.

If you find the prices of Express to be a little out of your price range, then you should create an account online. By doing this, you will get updates about sales or promotions and even get coupons in the mail. Trust me on this! The coupons from Express are some of the best that I have ever seen.

Check out Express’ and Nordstrom’s online catalog for their deals and let your fantasies unwind.

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Thuria Abuzamel is a fourth-year biology major and a blogger for O&B writing about various Fashion Deals of the week.

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