Fashion Friday: Nicole Richie’s Headpieces

By Julianne Wilson

We stack bangles on our wrists, pile strands of beads around our necks and paint our faces with makeup all the time. But who says that we’re limited to putting accessories on only these “conventional” accessory-worthy body parts? Nicole Richie doesn’t say so. She insists that “everybody should wear headpieces,” as she told the Rachael Ray Show when she appeared as a guest on it this past Thursday.  And because she is already one of the mentors on NBC’s hit show Fashion Star, I’m going to trust her opinion. After you see these intricate works of art for the head, you probably will too!

While the pint-sized fashionista has been making us drool over her majestic head chains for quite some time, she is now creating Headpiecesher own and selling them. With her newest product, people like you and me can steal her irresistible, boho-chic style that merges traditional, timeless glamour with hippie-inspired pieces, creating an effortless, cool look like no other.

You can find Nicole’s elaborate headpieces, such as the Seven-Strand Coin headpiece, in her House of Harlow 1960 collection.  Although, it is made of coins, you’re payment will have to be in another monetary form, as this almost $500 piece isn’t too kind on the wallet — especially for college fashionistas. Your cheaper (more craftier) option? Do it yourself! This blog offers great tips on how you can create Nicole’s look for way less.

If you’re not feeling the DIY hassle or are just too impatient, you can try this Asos one or search Etsy, as the site has hundreds of not-far-off imitations of Nicole’s gorgeous House of Harlow 1960 headpiece originals. Dress the detailed pieces down by wearing them with jeans, a simple tee and some bangles in a matching hue. Also try the headpiece with a maxi dress or a long, bohemian-inspired, gypsy skirt, a plain simple tank top and some gladiator sandals.

Get your head in the game and start flaunting this trend before it gets to everybody else’s head!

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Julianne Wilson is a senior journalism major with a passion for fashion journalism. She is a writer for O&B’s print issue and blogs weekly for the O&B blog about emerging fashion trends.


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