Seinfeld Life Lesson: The Little Intuition Man

By Sam Blend

How many times a day do you question your actions?

If you’re like me, you have no idea because it’s too many to count. Why do we do this? We send somebody a text and immediately doubt if it was a good idea, we put C as our answer on a test and then think that A might actually be the best choice. So on and so on.  Why can’t we just do something and be confident in that decision? I can’t be the only one that feels this way… right?

Well in the episode, “The Pick”, George Costanza experiences that exact feeling of self-doubt. He’s questions his decision of breaking up with his girlfriend, Susan. He woefully claims that he will never meet anybody as good as her. Then Kramer walks in, and George asks him if he should call Susan and reconcile. Kramer advises him:

“Now, what does the little man inside you say? See you gotta listen to the little man … The little man knows all.”

This is actually pretty valuable advice. It’s a fact that our intuition is incredibly reliable. That gut feeling we get when trying to make a decision might be one of our best resources. And it’s important to listen to it, as long as you have some knowledge on the decision that you’re trying to make.

For example, if you studied for a test and your gut is telling you C is the best choice, go with C, even if A seems like it might be the answer. Because you’re familiar with the information, your little man is most likely correct.

But if you have zero knowledge about something, let’s say, the stock market, don’t invest money in something because your little man is telling you to. That would just be acting on a whim and would most likely result in a stupid mistake.

Your gut feelings are based off of past experiences. If you’ve been in a similar situation before, your mind automatically considers how you handled it, what the results were and if you should take the same actions or not.

It’s important to learn to listen to such instinctive feelings and value what they are telling you. If you do this, your life will become better. You won’t feel restricted or fell like you are holding yourself back. You’ll be making decisions that you feel are best.

If you are thinking about sending a text to somebody, but your instinct is screaming, “WARNING: BAD IDEA,” it’s probably better that you don’t send it. Or, at least think of a better way to state what you want to say.

I’m not trying to say that you should make every decision solely because it feels right, because it’s a smart idea to first consider the facts of the situation and all the pros and cons. And then, if you’re still not sure what to do, tune into what that little man is saying.

If you go with what you feel is the wisest choice, you won’t question yourself as much.

So what do you think? Have you ever ignored your little man? What were the consequences? Or do you always follow what your gut tells you?


Samantha Blend is a second year English major and a blogger for O&B, writing about life lessons she has learned from Seinfeld. Her posts appear on Fridays.


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