Get To Know Gainesville: Virginia Martinez

by Laici Little

If you ever spend any time in UF’s Reitz Union, you 
may have had some interaction with this week’s featured Gainesville 

Twenty-year-old Virginia Martinez was up bright and early on a Saturday
 morning working at the information desk next to the food court when I

(by Laici Little) Virginia Martinez sits behind her desk at the information booth in the J. Wayne Reitz Union.
(by Laici Little) Virginia Martinez sits behind her desk at the information booth in the J. Wayne Reitz Union.

had the
 chance to speak with her. She described herself as someone who was kind of shy 
but hard working. I found her descriptions to be perfect considering her sweet soft-spoken nature and the diligence she showed toward her job.

During our
 conversation, Martinez took a moment to cheerfully help a visitor find what they were 
looking for. She was jovial despite the fact that it was so early that most college students were still 
sleeping leaving campus a ghost town.

Martinez, who is in the third year of her pursuit towards a
 nursing career, said that she realized she wanted to get into the nursing field while on
 a service trip to a little town in the middle of nowhere of Georgia through the Florida Alternative Breaks program. While serving alongside a few girls who were training to become 
nurses — and after hearing about all of the hands-on experiences they were having — Martinez realized
 that nursing was a great way to combine her love for both science and helping 

If you are the kind of person who is up for anything, or who is always ready to try
 something new, then Martinez would be a great choice for a partner in crime. Martinez said that she 
is the kind of person who will give any new experience a shot, and who is willing to go on
 adventures — even if they are little unusual.

A recent adventure took place when Martinez’s friends decided, in the middle of the night, that they wanted to see the sun
rise on the east coast. By 4 a.m., Martinez and her friends were in the car heading off to see the 
beginning of a beautiful morning in St. Augustine — even though they would have 
classes return to.

Art is also very important to Martinez, who appreciates seeing all the creative 
things people produce around campus. She said that seeing UF’s “Harlem Shake” a couple weeks ago was pretty neat and
 definitely brought a smile to her face.

It was a pleasure to meet Martinez . If you ever find yourself lost in the
 Reitz Union, she’s your girl. She seemed like a kind
 person who would love to hear about your latest adventure or creative idea. I’m 
sure she would love it if you stopped by and said hello.


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