Fashion Friday: The Pumps are Back!

By Julianne Wilson

So girls,

I know it’s hard to get out of that super high-heeled fashion mindset that we’re all in because of the 6+ inchers that have been in style the last few seasons, but now is the time — so give your feet a (little) break and take advantage of one of this season’s musts: pumps.

No, the shoe is nothing new. I’m talking about the same old, simple and classy pointed-toe that’s been popular for years. What’s new is the WAY that women are now wearing these sexy classics. The biggest difference is age. Because these were often considered a good, basic shoe in the workplace, pumps, somewhere along the way, got grouped in the “older woman” category.

But, now they’re back with vengeance, determined to never be labeled as “boring” or “matronly” ever again. In a wonderland of colors, neutrals, prints and embellishments, pumps are the new foot accessory that adds a pop of excitement to any outfit while still keeping the look clean and chic. Now, we can see anyone from ages 15 and up sporting the flirty new “pump” trend.

You can dress the pumps down with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer, or dress them up with a cute cocktail dress (in which your calves will look KILLER). These oldies are still perfect for the workplace, but are just being worn differently now. Try wearing a patterned pair (look for a pattern with black in them to ensure they’ll be easy to wear with anything black) with a pair of tapered black ankle pants. For good quality and fit, I like White House Black Market. To top off the look, try a solid colored blouse —preferable a color in the shoe’s pattern or simply white — and add a chunky beaded necklace for a perfectly effortless, chic, workplace look. It may also be a good idea to buy a clutch in the same color as the pumps. This way you can always manage to look pulled together, no matter what, even when you have nothing to wear!

Nine West pumps
Nine West pumps

For some of the best shoe prices for some of the trendiest shoes, try You can also get browsing on My shoes (pictured here) are Nine West and from Macy’s. I just bought them last week!

Go get pumping!! Weeeeeeeee

Julianne Wilson is a senior journalism major with a passion for fashion journalism. She is a writer for O&B’s print issue and blogs weekly for the O&B blog about emerging fashion trends.

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