Fashion Friday: The Skinny on the Slouchy

By Julianne Wilson

Baggy Pants Are Making A Comeback … Here’s How NOT to Screw Up This Trend

Well, well. Look who’s back in town: The 90s. While the 90s definitely isn’t one of fashion’s proudest decades, it seems that this season’s designers are bringing back the spirit of the decade in an updated, classier and less-grungy way than we remember (think Alanis Morissette and Courtney Love). We have already seen combat boots and flannel shirts make a big comeback last season, and now we’re seeing the most challenging 90s trend flood runways, magazines and blogs: baggy, slouchy pants. Ladies, rejoice … we can stop sucking in (for now)!

Now, these are VERY tricky because they can either be your best friend or your worst enemy —pants 2 depending on the pair you choose and what you wear them with. So, choose wisely! If you have a a curvier lower back and a tinier waist (“pear-shaped” as they say), opt for a high-waisted pair that accentuates your cute little waist and rounds out your curves, while hiding any “jiggle” that’s perhaps buried under the forgiving fabric.  For the smaller-framed girls who perhaps want to appear like they have a bit more “junk in the trunk,” you should opt for a low-rise pair (I like a rugged, ripped denim pair) with big back pockets and belt loops. Slide a skinny belt through them to add depth to the buttocks. A belt is also always a great way to both figuratively and literally pull the final look together.




PantsThe key to pulling this style off without appearing sloppy and lazy is to wear the pants with a tight top that still shows your femininity and your great body shape! The 90s may have been about baggy cargo pants and loose rocker tees, but 2013 is about chic, interesting pant shapes and crop tops. If you have nightmares about crop tops, any slim-fitting tank top/tee would do.  Wolfgang on University, an awesome and super trendy, independently-owned boutique, is currently flooded with an interesting mix of crop tops — including ones with lace, mesh, ruffled bottoms, back heart-shaped cutouts, animal prints and so many more.

Have fun and mix up these flirty tops with the baggy pants of your choice. My only suggestion is: go dark! Dark bottoms are always the most slimming and flattering, and because the pants are already large, a dark color, like navy or plum, tames them even more for a classier look. Have fun and pair these pants with wedges, pumps or stilettos—really anything you choose. You CAN pair them with flats, but because the pants are a boyish silhouette, I think an added heel can only feminize the look and make you appear more glamorous. Have fun with this trend, and take advantage of it!! Baggy, slouchy and comfy might be completely OUT next season, and then it’s back to bodycon dresses … Booooooo. :[

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Julianne Wilson is a senior journalism major with a passion for fashion journalism. She is a writer for O&B’s print issue and blogs weekly for the O&B blog about emerging fashion trends.


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