Fashion Friday: Handbag Inspiration

By Julianne Wilson

Happy Fashion Friday, all!

This week, I wanted to bring to your attention some of fashion’s coolest, most unique and perhaps weirdest handbags circulation the fashion world today offers.  I happen to think that there’s nothing wrong with going a little crazy with a handbag because after all, you just have to hold it. It’s not like you’re stuck wearing it — even if you later realize it was the wrong fashion choice. But I think handbags (and cell phone cases, just sayin’) are great outlets for self-expression. Nowadays you can probably find a handbag in whatever shape/size/style you want, but just make sure that no matter what crazy bag you decide on, you keep the other accessories to a minimum and the outfit simple and low key.

Here are three new fresh and interesting handbags for spring 2013 to get you brainstorming:

1. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director, sent his models down the Paris catwalk debuting his Spring/Summer 2013 collection carrying these … objects? Maybe you can show off your hula-hoop skills at your next party!

Photo credit: Getty













2. Valentino got in on the transparent trend, which is HUGE this spring. Maybe now, men will stop being nosy about what’s in our handbags!

Photo credit: Glamour
Photo credit: Glamour













3. And then there’s my absolute favorite — the Lego Chanel bag! Karl Lagerfeld is definitely one of the designers pioneering this “unusual handbag” movement, as he designed this toy-inspired bag as well

Photo credit: Teen Vogue
Photo credit: Teen Vogue













Which one is your favorite? Would you actually buy any of these?

Check back next week for another Fashion Friday!

Julianne Wilson is a senior journalism major with a passion for fashion journalism. She is a writer for O&B’s print issue and blogs weekly for the O&B blog about emerging fashion trends.


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