Seinfeld Life Lesson: Talking About Yourself

By Sam Blend

“If you can’t say anything bad about a relationship, you shouldn’t say anything at all.”

These wise words have been brought to you by George Costanza.

The point he’s trying to make is that if you are deeply in love with somebody, not as many people as you may think want to hear about it.

There are some people that are willing to sit down and listen to hundreds of your stories about how caring and awesome your significant other is. But that group of people usually consists of your mother and a few close friends.

So, when most people ask you how things are going, they do not want to hear half an hour of your relationship stories.

An appropriate response would be to just say that you are seeing somebody and that it’s going really well. If they don’t pursue the topic, don’t be that person who brings up the topic of your boyfriend or girlfriend at any opportunity.

If they do ask you specifically about your relationship, then they’re asking for stories, and it’s fine to share. But never over-share.

In general, it’s just plain rude to monopolize a conversation talking about yourself. Though you may have really fascinating things going on in your life, don’t just sit there and only chat about yourself. The other person will get really annoyed if you don’t ask how things are going for them.

I mean, just think about all those times you got together with somebody to catch up, only to hear “I…me…my…I…I…I” the whole time. We’ve all been in such situations, and I’m sure it wasn’t very enjoyable.

The person you’re talking to might have just had a really bad break up or might be having a really hard time finding somebody to date. It’s important to be sensitive to others’ feelings and recognize that though you’re happy, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

The main point to take away from George’s quote is to remember that it is not all about you, so be sure to always be aware of how much you’re talking about yourself and how it may make the other person feel.

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Samantha Blend is a second year English major and a blogger for O&B, writing about life lessons she has learned from Seinfeld. Her posts appear on Fridays.


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