Get to know Gainesville: Daniel Oyola

by Laici Little 

This week’s interviewee was my youngest yet, but he had plenty of life experiences to share.

Oyola, 18, a UF student from Oviedo, Fla., is on the pre-med track with his chosen major of microbiology. Oyola, who has some inspiring aspirations for his medical career, hopes to get involved with an organization called Rural and Urban Underserved Medicine, which aims to reach places in desperate need of medical physicians.

Oyola also expressed a desire to eventually move overseas and use his medical career to help those in other countries. He said that helping other people is what he is passionate about in life, and he believes the example his mother set for him is largely responsible for his commitment to think of those outside of himself.

Oyola discussed how his mother would allow those in need of a place to stay for a while to live with them while he was growing up. He distinctly remembered waking up one morning to an unfamiliar women sleeping in the spare bedroom. The women stayed with them for a few months until she could get back on her feet, he said.

Oyola also said that a family of four lived in his house during his senior year of high school. Even though his mother had two children of her own, including Oyola’s younger brother who is autistic, she shared her home with a married couple and their two boys. Oyola says he considers those two boys to be as much his brothers as his biological brother.

Outside of changing the world, Oyola enjoys water polo and has played the sport for over 5 years.  He said although his time for fun is very limited due to his current course load, he likes to spend time with his friends from Campus Crusade for Christ, also known as CRU. When I spoke with Oyola, he was participating in Couch Talk, a CRU ministry where students sit on an actual couch in UF’s Plaza of the Americas and discuss life.

As you might have guessed from Oyola’s unusual picture, he is a bit of a funny guy as well. Be sure to say hello to this nice guy if you see him at couch time or in biology class.


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