Fashion Friday: Summer Sunglasses

By Julianne Wilson

Hi guys!

So, today is actually a pretty sad day. I know you’re thinking, “Why would I be sad? There’s less than a week left until school’s out, I can get the hell out of this town and, well … it’s Fashion Friday (duh!)”

But with the good,comes the bad. Yes, school will be over — but that means that Fashion Fridays will be over too (cringe!). So this is, in fact, my very last fashion blog post that I will be sharing with y’all. With that being said, I had such an awesome time gathering the latest fashion trends and sharing them all with you. I hope you looked forward to Fridays as much as I did and that you got to experiment with at least a few new trends. If you did try any of them out, I’m sure you looked fabulous flaunting them!

As I leave you with my last post, I wanted to make sure this one could be utilized throughout the whole summer. What better fashion staple is there to summer than a pair of BOMBER shades that you can rock EVERYWHERE you go —whether it be at the beach, backyard BBQs, in your car while you’re driving (top/windows down preferred), or heck, anywhere you really want! These fashion necessities not only look stellar, but they protect your eyes, hide your not-wanting-to-ever-wear-makeup-in-the-summer face and help you better avoid that person you see out somewhere who you really don’t want to talk to. My favorite part about these simple accessories? Depending on the shape, color and hardware of each pair, they add instant chicness that can tie any outfit together with such minimal effort.

For your convenience, I have listed some of the trendiest shapes and styles in eyewear this season. Some are edgier, and some are more casual. Experiment and try on some pairs that you wouldn’t normally pick up. Boring sunglasses are SO last season — designers stepped it up, so why don’t you?

1. Come full-circle with your style, and opt for a round pair, like this one from So hippy-chic!

Photo credit:
Photo credit:



2.  Something about this FE NY pair screams “BATMOBILE” to me. Need I say more? #Fabulous.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:



3.  I don’t think sunglasses can GET much fiercer than these, honey. This Alexander Wang pair looks like 3D glasses with a sexy and dangerous twist. RAWRRR.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:



4.  Freshen up your faces with this rosy pair from Swedish designer, Anna-Karin Karlsson … I smell romance!

Photo credit:
Photo credit:



5. Lastly, check out these bad boys. If you can rock this pair from CAST, called “Legend on the Rocks,” you will definitely earn the title of a Fashion Legend.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Julianne Wilson is a senior journalism major with a passion for fashion journalism. She is a writer for O&B’s print issue and blogs weekly for the O&B blog about emerging fashion trends.


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