Music Monday: Music You’re Missing Out On

By: Emily Stanton

Awesome music doesn’t always make it onto the radio, so here are some recommendations for underappreciated artists.

If you like: Lorde

Try: AlunaGeorge

British duo Aluna Francis and George Reid make sultry electronic music under the name AlunaGeorge. Francis acts as songwriter and supplies vocals, while Reid produces. AlunaGeorge’s music has subtle hints of R&B and ‘90s house music. Their 2013 single “Attracting Flies” is a smooth ride of minimalistic, polyrhythmic beats.

If you like: Macklemore

Try: MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot is the father of nerdcore hip hop. The Brooklyn-based rapper creates rhymes about video games, cosplay and other geekery. Upbeat and fast-talking, Frontalot rivals mainstream hip hop artists. Though nerdyness is his bread and butter, he isn’t afraid to tackle serious topics like war, entitlement and prejudice.

If you like: All Time Low

Try: I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons combines pop rock and chiptunes, synthesized video game sounds. Their energizing music is complemented with subtle vocal harmonies by the band. The Chicago natives use Game Boys and Nintendo Entertainment Systems along with traditional rock instruments to make their unique sound. If you remotely like pop rock, I Fight Dragons is worth listening to.

Do you know an artist that deserves some love? Leave a comment below.


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